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  • New Owner 1977 Mako 15

    Hello all, new member here. I recently purchased an old 1977 Mako 15 and came across this site when searching for information. This seems to be the go to site for all things Mako.

    I have looked through most all the threads related to the Mako 15 but still have some questions of course.

    I initially purchased this boat for the motor alone and had no expectations of the boats condition, I honestly thought the hull would have been trashed after 40 years, it has a 1996 Mariner 60 HP that runs great, all in all I walked away with the package for $800.

    In regards to the hull, once I got there I checked it out and to my surprise it is a solid boat, the floors are solid (barefoot test) and the transom appears strong (bouncing on outboard test) very few gel coat cracks and all of them seem to be cosmetic.

    I see there is a coffin lid under the console and up into the upper deck, from my reading I dont believe the Mako 15 came with a fuel tank, so what is under that lid?

    I also removed the thru hole outboard bolts, the wood seems normal, I used the end of a large screwdriver and get good bounce back on the transom,a few area seems to sound slightly different but not a deep thud as I would expect from rotted or punky wood, Also the transom drains have the copper sleeve intact, but with that said

    Here are my list of questions for the experts:

    1. Surely a 40 yr old boat has rot? Can I be that lucky?

    2. If the above checks are normal, should I worry about it? I mean I hate to start drilling and prodding only to find its good.

    3. The rear built in rod holders, were there factory covers for those? seems water could get in there, if it does where does it go, out the rear drain?

    I have owned many aluminum boats but this is my first fiberglass boat, the bottom of the hull has anti-fouling paint that is flaking, but all in all, I feel I got a great deal and may decide to use this for a catfishing boat.

    Oh, lastly, would kiwigrip or tuffcoat seal any small cracks in the gel coat on the floor? was thinking to just paint the entire interior with a coating to further weather proof it.

    I will get some photos added soon

    Thanks! Love the site.

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    You!You!! You are the one that got it! Haha! I was going to add that 15 to my collection. He said the tilt/trim didnt work. I wondered if a solenoid was all that was needed. Great flounder redfish boat. Since you got my boat(ha ha) you can at least take me fishing in it someday! Im over in Gaston county.


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      I redid the transom in my 21. I really didnt have to. You can grind the gel coat and fill with epoxy any cracks on transom if there are any. They made the transoms so stout that some rot really doesnt matter.

      Check the strikes to make sure no scratches or holes go through. If they do grab some resin at Lowes for a quick fix.

      I bet your stringers have rot and again I bet it doesnt matter. As long as the glass is intact/not broken youre fine.

      Be a great catfishing rig!


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        I have a Mako 15 as well in my collection. There is nothing under the coffin but large stringers and some foam. Plenty of room to make a modification and add a 32 gal tank. There are not original covers for the rod holders. You can seal teh bottom or water will go into the foam and hopefully to the bilge. The bulk heads are foamed in but the weep holes are about 1.5" higher and they due trap water. I have an old 75 Hp and the boat moves. My floor had a couple week spots in the front corners of the floor cover. I rebuilt them and added new foam on the corners. Rock solid now. if you have any questions let me know.,15
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          I looked real hard at that one as well. looks like you got a nice one. looking forward to the pics
          1976 17\' Angler[br]Cornelius, NC


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            I have the Mako 15 from 1974. Hull is in great shape overall, transom very solid. I have enjoyed go out on Lake Sammamish here in WA for the last 1.5 years. Never took the coffin off. I did rebuild the Merc Thunderbolt 800 on the back, runs perfect and getting close to 40 mph. I was shocked how solid my boat is considering the age. I have a pic of the boat in my signature.
            Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]


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              Thanks for the replies.

              I still have a lot I want to do before I put it on the water, I have a few spots on the keel I need to fix.

              I removed the transducer from the exterior of the hull and the wood was a slightly dark and damp, I drilled the holes a bit larger and probed, it still feels solid, I may just put some CPES in there and seal up. The transom is extremely solid even with evidence of possible water intrusion. The coffin lid has an good bead of sealant around it, I was going to take it up and look around but since I cant find any soft spots in the deck, may just let it be.

              I did caulk around the console good so no water would get around the console deck screws.

              The control box is tough to move and its hard to find neutral, it doesnt click into neutral like it should.

              I havent took a pressure washer to it yet was filling any holes and sealing everything I could find before washing down the deck.

              Ill post pics soon.


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                Good evening

                Can anyone tell me what the middle drain between the transom drains is for? It just dead ends into something solid, Does it route to the bilge area drain?

                I can literally stick my finger in it and feel a wall, it has a copper fittings and looks original. Its larger then the 2 other transom drains.

                Not sure of its purpose.



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                  Here is a photo, the hole circled in green, it has no purpose, it doesnt go thru the transom, just dead ends about 2 inches thru transom


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                    That is the original drain hole. it was always blocked by the engine mount. Looks like PO sealed it off and added two outside the motor.
                    [br]1984 Mako 224[br]1977 Mako 15[br]Clermont, Florida- [br] -Rewire[br] -Tank/Misc[br] - Aft Box removal


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                      My internal middle plug is still open, I use a 1 1/4 inch (I think) plug to close it. I'm trying to keep the Mako 15 as stock as possible, though if I did permanently plug the hole, I could see the water going into the bilge area and getting pumped out from there. My Merc does not interfere with the drain hole.
                      Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]


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                        Awesome, thanks for the info. I guess what i am feeling at the back of that drain is the outboard mounting plate, I am removing the outboard soon to clean it up and re-seal it all, as well as raising the motor up a set of holes. I will just plug it and let it be. Thanks