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dual seat to take place of leaning post

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  • dual seat to take place of leaning post

    I have a 1996 Mako 22, it came with a high leaning post, I would like to install a dual seat in its place so I can sit down and steer the boat,, I installed a back rest that goes in the rod holders and this helped but I have to lean over so far to grasp steering wheel, I tried a Todd adjustable leaning post,, put together in garage and tried it ,, did no like very uncomfortable, can any one recommend another dual seat that will work on this ,, height from top of cushion to deck should be about 24 inches,, is there another adjustable leaning post made other then Todd,, thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated

    Bob Stokes
    bob stokes[br]

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    I pulled the dual seats from my 22 and installed a Taco leaning post.

    I also raised the wheel and tilted it back. (Rebuilt the top of the console).

    And my leaning post is close to the console.

    This combination lets me be seated with feet on the fold down foot rest, and it is very comfy. And the leaning position, standing when running the boat, is also comfy.



    I did not like the original dual seats, they were too low and I could not see over the bow when seated. Note that I also centered the steering wheel.