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Estimate value of 22?

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  • Estimate value of 22?

    I found a 22' from 1972 that I'm interested in purchasing but, being new to 70's Mako's, wanted some advice and feedback from this group before pulling the trigger.

    Boat details:
    • 1972 Mako 22
    • 125hp Mercury from 2000
    • Dual-axle trailer included
    • Soft-t-top
    • Current owner of 15 years
    • Owner reports, "no known issues. I keep it well maintained. No soft spots and the gunwale and top side were top coated last spring"
    • Tank was replaced and relocated to center console
    • No transom work

    I asked why he only repowered with a 125 and he mentioned that was, "what he could afford". As others on this forum have pointed out, it raises some concern about whether he was able to maintain other items or forced to take shortcuts.

    My other concern is relocating the tank to the center console, which decreases storage space and raises the center of gravity. The transom will obviously need work, too.

    With all this in mind, I *suspect* I can get a decent deal. Any thoughts on what I should lead with an offer and/or expect to close?

    If anyone has done this work at a marina lately, I'd love ballpark pricing to use in negotiation.

    Thanks in advance!