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  • 1988 Mako 230

    Greetings Classic Mako. I recently purchased an 88 230 walkaround with 96 yammi 225 2-stroke. I've come across a few things that are bothersome, but not problematic. Hoping someone on here is familiar with the model and design.

    1. There is a drain at the rear of the cabin deck that I can see the fuel tank and standing water that does not run to the stern to be drained. Is that water in the fuel tank coffin and the bilge runs under the coffin or am I looking at water in the bilge? I'm ready to cut into the cabin deck and add a rectangular hatch so I can get in there to see what is going on.

    2. At the rear of each gunnel is a fishbox/storage box that lifts out. Each looks to be its own compartment in the bilge and any water in there will not drain to the bilge but stay on the outboard side of the stringer. Is this correct and if so, what do others do to compensate for it, add bilge pumps to all three bilge areas?

    3. since the bilge is open to the cutty at the bow of the boat (I can look between the front of the cabin and the upper deck to peer all the way into the pulpit. Any issues with bilge odors over time in the cabin?

    4. Anyone with a similar set up that has mpg numbers? I filled the tank prior to an 88 mile trip on my first outting. I can refill it and do the math to determine mpg but not gallons per hour at any given rpm as it does not have flow scan installed.

    5. One of the fishbox inserts is missing. That means I make one unless there is a ready replacement available online that you can direct me to.

    6. I removed one of the carpet panels under the cabin door inside the cabin and could see the empty bilge area on the port side. It may have been foam at one time. Previous owner removed as much of the old foam as he could get out. Seems like a great place for storage from the cockpit deck if one wanted to add a hatch and form a locker.

    7. I was excited to see storage lockers in the v-bunks until I opened them and found small traingular shape lockers that barely hold a folded towel. What have others done to compensate for lack of life jacket storage? I moved from a CC to a cutty so I would have storage. I'd really like to keep the berth clean as I stay on the boat overnight when camping up river.


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    I have a 1990 230 and can give you some of the answers you seek.

    1. is this the drain sump under the stair? Mine has a forward pump that is routed out the starboard side of the hull. There is no way to see the fuel tank on mine from this spot. There is a pvc drain tube that runs under the fuel tank on mine from the bow area.

    2. The bilge on mine has limber holes in the stingers allowing the water under the fishboxes to drain to the middle of the bilge, where the pump is located. You might check for the existence of these, and verify if they are or are not blocked.

    3. Never really have issues with odor in cabin area. Mine is open along the starboard side - with the access panel to the wiring open, I can see from the cabin to the battery area.

    4. I have a 225 Merc EFI which is a thirsty motor, at 4200rpm i'm burning 20-22 gph and running at approx 28-30 kts. I use the Garmin fuel sensor linked to the Garmin GPS. Your motor should be in that range, but likely a hair better.

    5. No idea, but post here in the FS/Wanted forum, someone probably has one.

    6. I don't have carpet panels down below, but have a wooden set of drawers/shelves on the port side. In the helm area, there is a fiberglass shelf insert on the port side which is ok storage.

    7. Those "storage" boxes are indeed tiny. A couple people here have done a project to increase the storage. Look up TripleCrown's project thread, as well as one from my boat, where I did a hull repair under the cabin, and added storage under that area. It now holds a lot more stuff, and is somewhat useful.

    Welcome to the club, and remember, we love pictures.
    1990 Mako 230[br]1999 Mercury 225 EFI[br]2004 Lund Alaskan 1600[br]2005 Mercury Bigfoot 25[br]Wrentham MA[br]


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        There is a sticky on using photobucket but not imgur. On imgur there is only a https link. Any clue on how to post the images to the discussion to make it easier for you and others to view?



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          I did not find your project. I found TC's post on replacing the gas tank but did not see anything on vberth storage.


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            I was able to follow the link and see the pictures. The inside set up on your boat is different than mine in several ways.

            Here is a link to the project - page 2 is where the storage part was documented. TC added a picture of what he did on his 25, which was the inspiration for mine.

            1990 Mako 230[br]1999 Mercury 225 EFI[br]2004 Lund Alaskan 1600[br]2005 Mercury Bigfoot 25[br]Wrentham MA[br]