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    I was at 7 Seas Marina in Daytona Beach Shores this week and saw this classic. I wasn't there while it was being worked on but in talking to the yardmaster he said it's pretty much done. It came in worn out and weathered. It's been there a while which just reminded me of how long it's been since I've been to the marina. I walked around it up close and the paint and hull work is exceptional. A fresh set of 300 Zukes. They did opt to keep the original rub rail which is somewhat chewed up in spots. The tower was showing signs of age also but all in all it is a very impressive looking boat up close. I didn't peek inside but from ground level it looks like the upper deck was refinished too. Nice to see an oldie looking new again.

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    I'd love to have one of these boats one day. Looks like they even put a tuna door on it as well. I would lose the poles on the front of the top.
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