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Forward seating cushions 231-261?

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  • Forward seating cushions 231-261?

    Anyone had a new set for the forward seating area made lately? Thinking of having some made for newer ride was looking for ballpark pricing what they might be going for these days. Basic ones or with piping, pleated etc

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    I redid mine about 4 years ago. It ran me about $500 to do the two rear seats the bench on the console and the back knee bumper on the closed transom.

    This is what the front bench looks like.

    Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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      is that a folding transom bench seat I see in the back on the closed off transom?


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        Yes sir. It's a folding bench from Birdsall Marine in West Palm Beach. It's very comfortable and strong. You can stand on it without issue.

        I simply sent them the width and height (for leg length) dimensions and they have it custom made. The legs are sent a touch long and then you trim them to length and put the rubber foot on it. I ordered the bench upholstered so that I can have my seat guy match the rest of the seats in the boat. I installed it with a aluminum plate behind the back transom panel for strength. The hinge it through bolted on there.

        Here is a shot of it opened. Dirty look was a "before" shot this weekend. Boats been getting hammered lately because the cover was damamged by Irma a few months back.

        Here is a shot of it closed after the recent detailing.

        From above, folded, a while back.

        Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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          thanks Luis, love that transom seat, I already have one picked out from birdsall, was gonna try to go with the backrest also? But I want it pinned for removing and foldable down just like yours when not in use. Do you have any cushions for the front seating area? Sounds like the one you quoted to me was the seat in front of the console and the backest cushion?


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            No, I don't have the cushions for the front area. Just front of console, rear captain's chairs and rear bench.
            Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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              I had the bow cushions made, seating on front of console, leaning post, and coaming pads done for $1,450. They had to do the bow cushions from scratch and console seat since I didn't have those already.
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                I had the COMPLETE set of bow cushions made (including the large center piece), the front console seat and the leaning post. Cost me $1,750 here in Rhode Island. They came out unbelievable and make the boat feel like brand new!

                Here is the "Before"

                Here is the "After"