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thru hull repair??

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  • thru hull repair??

    hello again , I removed a 3/4 in thru hull transducer and im planing on putting a 3/4 in bronze strainer / water scoop in its place do you guys recommend installing a peice of some type of wood or star board between the strainer and the hull on inside AND outside of the hull and bedding the whole thing on both sides in 5200 or skip the wood ? or what is best ???/ and if wood is needed what type ? teak? am I on the right track dont mean to be a PIA but we all know what happens when we ASSUME and besides who speaks mako more fluently then the good folks at classic mako thanks
    Elizabeth King

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    It would be best if you could post a pic, I dont have any material between hull and strainer, inside or outside. I dont like 5200 either, try 4200. You might want to put a big SS washer or small metal (non corroding) plate in the inside to cinch the nut down onto.
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