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Gap between bunks and hull.

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  • Gap between bunks and hull.

    Finally getting my new to me trailer set up for my new 1974 20.

    After a lot of work and adjusting,Ive finally gotten the bunks perfectly centered to where bunks are under stringers. Everything is great with the exception of the gaps. The gaps are identical on each side as well as front and back. It seems obvious that a curve/Upsweep in the hull is the reason. Anyone else have this issue with a 20?

    I had thought of simply cutting a sliver of 2x6 and taper it to fit. Attach it carpet and move on.

    After some thought I wonder if I could simply add layers of carpet to make up the difference. At transom there is approx. 1 inch gap from top of bunks to hull. From there it tapers for about 4 feet. From there the boat is supported perfectly until you get further up. I understand that the hull leaves the bunks in the from with the curve but I plan to have support the full length of bunks.

    I cant think of a problem simply layering carpet to correct this. Seems like I can over

    layer by a tad to account for settling and be fine unless my thinking is wrong.