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    Gents- Think of putting one of the "spot lock" trolling motors on the '79 235CC. Boat is in Apalachicola and I am not.

    So couple of questions

    Would a 60" shaft length be long enough?

    Is there a reasonable way to run power cables from bow to under CC?

    Wires for bow light run down thur there somewhere.

    These hulls have the built-in rigging tubes from CC to rear so I figure there may be one to the front.

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    I cant help you with the motor length but I can tell you about the rigging tubes.

    The bow light wire runs from the console aft in the main tubes, where the main tube ends there is a 3/4 inch pvc that starts and runs up to the bow light. Thats all, so if you need more space to run the power and signal wire to the bow your going to have an issue.
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      3/4 PVC should be ok.

      But that sure adds a lot of wire run length

      Anybody got an idea 60" shaft is long enough


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        I've looked at one for my 221 and i dont think 60" will do it. i think you'll need to jump up to 72" with 36 volts - which equal high $$$$.
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          The 72" 36 volt MK works great. The added weight of three AGM batteries forward of the console along with two dedicated boat batteries (5 Total) has a positive effect on the ride and attitude of the boat. The center of balance is enhanced , so much so, that the weight of the Evinrude G2 and the 30 gallon live well does not lower the scuppers and the splash-well is essentially dry. Previously, the weight of a full 30 gallon live well and the lighter Yamaha 200 did get a little wet in the splash-well. My boat, however, under normal operating conditions was always bone dry in the ass end. I have seen several Makos where this is not so. I have been lucky that way. In my view, 72" shaft and 36 volt is a requirement. Might get away with 24 volt on a 20 inshore or for light duty fresh water operation. Not sure how a 20 foot Mako or similar size boat would absorb the weight of a 36 volt bank. i have pictures posted in projects that speak to your questions.
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