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    My pops and I started tearing apart our boat 3 father's days ago. Since then I've had two kids, bought a house and pops has had 2 stints put in his heart. With Sunday marking a full 365 days since the boat has been touched, it's finally time to have a reality check and find someone to get her back together. (Currently down to the stringers)

    The boat is located in Parrish, FL but I travel for work around the state and wouldn't mind taking her out of the area for the right person/shop. The link to my "build" thread is below if you want to see pictures.

    I appreciate any suggestions y'all may have!

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    What finish level work are you looking for? I know a shop here in Pompano that does amazing work but they are not the cheapest around.
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      Ed Pic at Epic in Largo does great work, but not sure if he is still doing it. He restored a Bertram 25 for a neighbor that turned out beautifully.

      It all depends on what you want done as well. There are a ton of places in Salt Creek in St. Pete that could do it.
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        Van Wagner in St.Pete on 49th did my 21. Not cheap,but quality work.

        I have some others I'll check on and give you the info.


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          the guys at sea force ix in palmetto do good work, they do plenty of restorations as well as build those big ass yachts. not too far from u in parrish
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            HHH Fiberglass in Homestead has done a couple of Makos on this Site

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              JRyan Marine. Tampa
              Mike[br]Tampa, FL[br]1981 17[br]1974 23[br]


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                All, thank you for all the recommendations! I have been out of the state all week and just checking this. I will start calling around next week and getting an idea on availability and lead times.

                I'll keep you all posted!


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                  Originally posted by Texas 17

                  What finish level work are you looking for? I know a shop here in Pompano that does amazing work but they are not the cheapest around.

                  Can you give me that shop name. Have a flats boat that is overdue for some cosmetic work and would like to use someone local.


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                    Texas 17,

                    Its interesting that you wrote Sold with regrets on your oldest and smallest boat. Why? What was the connection to that one? I like my 19 but always looking.
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