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231 Drain tube problem....

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  • 231 Drain tube problem....

    I noticed that my 231 drips water out around the drain plug very slowly. Upon closer inspection the bronze drain tube flange is cracked off around exposing a soft rubber like substance between the tube and the transom. Is this a gasket? It is water logged and squishy. Need to replace the drain assembly, but does any know what this material is between the drain tube and the transom. Any help on the overall topic would be appreciated.
    Bret Barrow

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    Not sure of the material. Could be caulk. If it is leaking around the flange. I would drill out a larger hole. Fill with composite core and re-glass. Once sanded I would re-drill the plug. Seal with 5200 and be done with it. 6 hour project with cure times
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      Sounds like the transom could be wet
      David, New Kent, Va[br]

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        TY guys!
        Bret Barrow


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          It's probably 4200 or some other type of sealant but if it is cracked it is definitely letting water get to your transom core and needs to be addressed soon. You can also sleeve the drain with PVC. I did it in my boat and there are several more threads on how to do it as well.
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