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  • sureflo washdown pump

    So, how long does the average sureflo II washdown pump last? This one lasted about a season and a half. Its mounted in the bilge. I have it wired to a switch, so to activate it, hit the switch and use the nose/nozzle. Last week was first trip, hit the switch, and I usually hear it power up...nothing, when squeezing hose nozzle, a little rusty water dribble out. There is rust on the pump, all around the motor housing, so I know the pump is shot.
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    i just got one. the clock is on. It's mounted in starboard aft box.


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      I still have the standard double pie plates in the aft deck, im thinking they are leaking, and water is dripping on the pump. its mounted on a shelf about 5 inches high in the bilge, but it still gets damp in there.
      Salem County, NJ[br]Whaler 15 SS (sold)[br]Mako 191[br]


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        I had the Sureflo II on mine and I didn't get two seasons out of it using it for a salt water washdown pump. Mine was mounted in the bilge but up high on the transom under the port side hatch. Motor was a pile of rust. The only way I would ever put one of these pumps in a boat again would be if I could mount it in the console and I would likely only use it with fresh water.

        For salt water wash down I went to a pump by Rule that is similar to a bilge pump. It doesn't have as much pressure but it is more than adequate for rinsing blood off the deck. I also plumbed it with valves so the one pump can also run either of my two livewells.