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Trailer for 1974 mako 20

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  • Trailer for 1974 mako 20

    Hello everyone! I recently convinced the wife that we needed another mako project and found a nice project 20.

    I'm searching for a trailer and may have found one.

    Hoping you guys can offer some advise/opinions.

    The trailer is a single axle with 15 inch tires and a capacity rating of 3800lbs.

    Aluminum trailer in great shape. My estimates on weight are:

    Boat: 1600 ( when complete)

    Motor 450

    Gas/gear: 400lbs ( very rough est.)

    Total: 2450

    Trailer does have brakes.

    I have stripped boat and will be reforming new tank stringer transom all of the usual rebuild things.

    I've already redone a 21 deep v and love that boat. I know these things are heavy.

    Not feeling great with a single axle.

    Am I figuring everything correctly? Anyone with a 20 rolling with single axle?

    Thanks for any input!

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    The numbers, if correct, don't lie. Just not sure if the trailer weight should be added.

    How far & often do you trailer? My theory, like with a twin engine boat, less to go wrong.

    I just replaced the leaf springs under my 228. With one axle I'd have been done by lunch.
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      I got mine on a single but have been told it should really be on a dual. No problems yet but I'd hate to have one so I'm kicking that idea back and forth.

      I did weigh my BMT minus fuel tank at a CAT scale when I was doing my tank job and found that for one reason or another I was a bit overweight. Came out to 3120 overall. Removing 375 for motor and ~600 for the trailer gives me 2145 for the boat, which according to specs would be 1750. Add in a full fuel tank and fishing gear and it's closing in on capacity. My truck was also over spec about the same amount, so I'd amount this to thicker than spec build, toolboxes and gear in the boat, and of course some water in the foam.

      All being said, a single might be fine, but if I didn't have my trailer already, I'd be looking for a dual axel.
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        Like others have said, a single of that capacity is less than ideal, and I would definitely not rely on for any long-distance trailering. A maxed-out trailer will fail sooner rather than later.

        But if you're just local, taking it across town to the ramp, then that's probably ok.
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          Thanks everybody! I lucked into a decent loadmasters tandem with a 5200lb capacity.

          The wife and I were able to take the boat to the river last night to adjust the bunks(hard without guide poles on back)and we raised the bow roller/winch assembly.

          I didn't like the idea of a single axle and feel better knowing I have two trailers capable of handling the 20 and the completed 21 deep vee.