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Console molded to coffin lid?

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  • Console molded to coffin lid?

    Hey guys,

    I was doing some electrical work to the Mako this weekend, when I noticed something a little strange. It seems as though my console and lid are all one piece. Is that terribly common? It'll certainly add a new level of difficulty to recoring the lid. Any advice?

    1989 Classic Mako 191 - \'Tequila Rose\'

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    My 1994 211 was like that, to me a huge pain in the butt when I had a new console built...had to have a coffin lid made then the console.

    Don't know how common that one piece lid/console was...
    1992 211 w/175 OptiMax
    Glen Campbell, Pa.


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      Spray has an early 90's 211, same thing. Its kind of weird the way the console 'floor' is raised to. He could probably smuggle live rock or square grouper galore in there


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        Yea, I have been going over in my head how I might be able to salvage this. A Crap load of sawhorses with a gap for the console? haha. I know its already warped. The console sits cockeyed.
        1989 Classic Mako 191 - \'Tequila Rose\'


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          I'd cut it so you have a console and a separate lid.

          Rebuild the coffin lid and either glass or tab (internally) the console then bolt it down.If you were slick you'd hinge the console for easy fixing later

          Alternately you could cut and make a console-lid, and separate lid for the rest of the coffin. You'd need a gutter or other cross piece where the two sections join.