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Difference between baitwell and livewell on 192

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  • Difference between baitwell and livewell on 192

    I recently bought a Mako 192 that has a console baitwell and a livewell located port side transom. I never had a bought with either. Can anyone provide clarity on the two , each has its own switch on the panel. I had ice and fish in the baitwell and filled it with water from hose at the dock and pressed the switch and it emptied into the bilge . I havent used the livewell yet as I usually never fish with live bait but I want to start. Will the livewell draw water from a thru hull or something to fill or do I fill it with the raw water wash down that is located in the livewell. The boat didnt come with an owners manual that is specific to my year. Any clarity would be appreciated on this.


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    The livewell in the back corner of my 234 has a standpipe that you put into it and hit the switch. it starts to fill and overflows into the pipe and just keeps going. My baitwell on the back of the leaning post confuses me. It has a switch but just a light comes on. It fills with water when driving to a degree but when I pull the plug it doesnt drain. Found your problem searching for my answer.
    Diane Kur


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      My dad has a 2001 192. The area under the front console seat is a cooler. He uses it to store tackle. It drains out the bottom and empties out onto the port side deck on the side of the console. The livewell in the port side of the transom seat fills with the washdown pump and drains out the bottom through an open drain in the transom. You stick the pipe in the drain to keep it mostly filled.
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