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1973 22 mako direct sight fuel gague

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  • 1973 22 mako direct sight fuel gague

    Hi guys wondering if anybody knows where i can find a replacement for my direct sight fuel gauge ???

    I ordered a replacement one from rochester and it didnt fit right so i had to bend thr arm a little. The float sits in gas but it still doesnt read right. I do only have about 20 gallosn of gas in the tank so maybe thats why.

    I tried a elctronic fuel gague and it didnt fit at all.

    Im getting tired of messing with this thing and thinking about Using a yard stick to measure the fuel level every so often.


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    There is a company in Ft Pierce FL who has allot of old Mako surplus parts. The name is Marine Connection Liquidators.

    You can read about them in the FAQ's here on classic mako.

    Best success seems to be when you can go there and find what you need.

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      I believe the arm has to be bent so as to show empty when the float reaches the bottom of the tank. Try geting a good measurement from the tank top to its bottom (say 20") and bend the arm so that the gauge reads empty when the float is 20" below the gauge.
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