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keel guards...who uses them?

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  • keel guards...who uses them?

    Thinking of adding one of these. Wondering who uses them and any feedback. They are pretty pricey, but of course its insurance and you only know the value of insurance when you don't have it! I am primarily thinking it should help when loading and unloading the boat from the trailer.

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    I have one and do not have any complaints. I added keel bunks to my trailer years ago, so I do not have any issues with trailer; mine is strictly for beaching. Plus it covers up where keel was blocked up painting and never got touched up [B)].

    Be patient with install and fallow directions.

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      Its not that pricey when you consider what it would cost to fix the keel professionaly. Chuck b is right take your time installing and follow the instructions once you start to stick it on your not moving it. I installed one on my boat but have yet to put the boat in the water. But I know Im gonna love having piece of mine when I beach the boat
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        Have installed them on every boat I've owned. The beaches out here tend to be a mixture of sand/gravel, or just plain sandstone, not to mention that normal afternoon winds, cause some occasional tense moments and havoc when loading onto the trailer.

        EASILY, one of the BEST "bang-for-the-buck" investments I've ever done to protect the keel. []
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          Our florida intercoastal boat,edgewater, has one installed. It only took a little while to install, and it saves damage for sure. The double stick tape they use is incredible ....
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            What about boats with bottom paint? Blast it down to gelcoat, install the guard and the tip the paint around it?
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              Installed on my sons 14' Scout. Very pleased with it after two seasons. Lots of beaching.

              Sanded off the bottom paint where it was to be installed and wiped down with acetone. Will put one on my Mako 221b next season.
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