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1987 231 Mako

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  • 1987 231 Mako

    Looking at purchasing a 1987 231 mako. Anything I should be looking for? TIA
    Ted Siebold

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    Hi Ted - I have an '88 231 and LOVE it! - there is a long list of things to be wary of as there would be with any boat that age..Just as a start is the transom solid? How old is the tank? That's about $7000.00 worth of work there for just those things unless you are as skilled as some here. (I'm not) and can do the work yourself. You didn't provide any info about the boat you're looking at but if the cost is of an amount that warrants it you should consider having a qualified marine surveyor take a look so you can know in advance what you're getting yourself into or possibly negotiate the price. If there are any specific questions I can help with drop me an email.

    By default for anybody buying a classic Mako I say GO FOR IT!! LOL

    Best Regards,

    Bob S.