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    I am replacing the rub rail on my 72 22. I ordered the replacement from Marine Connection but, it didnt come with screws. I am going back original Black with black insert. My question is, what kind and size of screw? I know it should be stainless. How important is truss Head? Thanks in advance, Chad

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    I changed my rub rail on a 77 22ft Mako CC. The pan head screws came with it. The flatter the head of the mounting screw the less the insert will wave in and out of the rub rail. So the right screw is a good idea. If nothing else an oval head should sink in the meat of the rub rail and not a lot of screw will be left sticking up to push out on the insert. Hope this helps.
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      Pan head probably #10

      Check your current hole size to give you a reference
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