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  • 221b or 254

    Long story short the '95 221B I was going to get didn't happen the weekend I went to go get it because of my own mistake. However I have now stumbled on a 254 for the exact same price that also never hit the market. The 221b has a blown powerhead and the 254 is a '86 that has twin 175 black tower mercs from the 90's with one that has an undiagnosed issue. I'm looking for a boat that I can tow and both of these loaded will be under my 7500lb cap.

    Heres where I really am looking for some opinions. I'm looking for a boat that I can use near shore (within 15 miles from shore) mostly but when I want to with some friends go offshore (50ish miles offshore) to fish for tuna and mahi off the NJ coast. The 254 more so fits this category but I'm not looking for either to be a long time thing, 6-10 years max this is where I feel like the 221B would be better because of ease of resale. Appreciate any input here and will give the sellers info for which ever I don't pick.

    P.S. Their both $5500 without trailers and no T-tops with 5ish year old electronics. Floor transom and tanks all are original in both but both look good after crawling around
    John[br]1989 Mako 210 (Sold and Missed)[br]

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    You want the 254 and two new motors.


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      Was what i would do. Sell them off and get two newer 150s
      John[br]1989 Mako 210 (Sold and Missed)[br]


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        254 all the way. You'll have no trouble reselling either. One of the more sought after models.


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          tough call. True B models hard to find, 254's usually older, set of 150's-200's most popular and hard combo to find. But everything being equal with each boat if that's possible? I might go with the bigger boat like the other guys


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            They both really are gems that are basically equal. Im leaning more towards the 254 now even though i want the enclosed transom (guess i can always do that myself).
            John[br]1989 Mako 210 (Sold and Missed)[br]