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2001 Mako Bayshark fuel tank vent

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  • 2001 Mako Bayshark fuel tank vent

    Hello, new member here. I have been reading your forum for awhile now and its seems like a good group of guys.

    I have a 2001 Mako Bayshark. It has had a venting problem and I have tried all the usual suspects such as clogged vent coming thru the hull and everything seemed normal, I can blow in the vent line and feel the air come out of the gas cap. I decided to snake the vent line with a small snake, it went freely until it got to the gas tank itself and it had some resistance which gave way after a pretty good push. I was able to scope it with a camera and got pictures of it but I have not figured out how to post pix on here yet.

    My question I have is, does anyone know the design of this model Mako's fuel tank ? I know it is a poly tank and from what I could see is that the vent line connector on the tank is molded into the tank. I am just wondering if the resistance I felt at the tank was maybe a filter or screen of some sort that was built into the tank