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seastar hydraulic hose length help

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  • seastar hydraulic hose length help

    i need to update my manual steering to a hydraulic system. i have decided on the seastar front mount type. does anyone know what the correct length hydraulic hose that is required for a 1988 mako 21b ? thank you.

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    I would check the specifications in FAQ section and use the throttle and shifter cable lenghts as reference. On our 250 the throttle and shifter lengths were 22ft. I would think that Teleflex hose lenghts are in 5ft increments. If you are running the hose direct to motor, not using bulkhead fittings that 20ft would seem close.

    Quick check in specs FAQ/reference for 21fter shows shift and throttle cable lenghts at 16ft. So hope that helps.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA


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      thank you keyman..i will go with the 22ft hose so not to create any sharp bends in the hose.