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  • Livewell - Before and After

    When re-powering this winter, I discovered that my livewell fittings were very brittle and in one instance a 90 degree fitting actually broke off in my hand! The system never worked correctly (in my estimation) and it seemed to be over-engineered with too many valves and fittings. Most troubling were the plastic fittings and shutoffs.

    I removed all of the existing pumps, hoses, valves, shutoffs, and fittings and used all new stuff including bronze shut offs and new pumps.

    I really tried to simplify the system and moved the In-flow line to the bait tank to the BOTTOM of the tank and left the Over-flow line up at the top of the tank. This way, I will fill from the bottom versus the original design of filling from the top.

    I should be launching in the next few weeks and I'll keep you guys posted.

    Here are the before and after photos...

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    Definitely keep us posted Id like to do the same if it works well .
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      simple is always better. It would be better to switch the lines, fill from the top and drain from the bottom using a standpipe to regulate the water level. When you are done, simple remove the pipe and the well will drain.
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