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Anyone in Tallahassee?

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  • Anyone in Tallahassee?

    Looking at maybe buying a 32 Regulator down in Tallahassee and before I fly down from NY was wondering if someone could take a look at the hull and see what shape the boat is in. Not looking for survey,just want to find out what sort of shape the boat is in and if it is worth the expense and time of flying down from NY. You can never really tell from pictures what kind of shape a boat is in, whether its been well maintained etc. Engines are new so its really just looking at the boat and giving me an idea of general condition.

    I will pay you for your time and expertise. Shoot me an email

    bobgaffer at gmail dot com

    Thanks a lot. Still keeping my Mako 232.
    Bob Gaffney[br]1996 Mako 232b[br]Stony Brook, NY[br]

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    we have a few members from time to time post but I don't think any regulars. You may want to post on or floridasportsman forum.
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