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  • 191 weight question

    Hi Everyone,

    Long long ago we owned a 1986 258 model which was sold in 1998 as we moved into a Fountain C.C.. That Fountain was sold last week and I'm thinking about something a bit smaller, possibly a 191 original, pre-Tracker. With our current vehicles we're at a 3500 tow limit per the manufacturers.

    So my question is what would the gross weight be for a dry (good transom and dry deck foam) 191 on a trailer with a modern era engine and Tee top and some fuel ?



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    1989 mako 191 is listed 1900lbs dry then add late model etec g1 150hp and thats 418lbs, fuel tank holds 60 gallons @6.3 lbs per gallon =378lbs thats about 2700lbs. Now add anchors,cooler,and other gear plus maybe 150-200lbs? for a t-top and the weight of the trailer and you will most likely be over your 3500#s
    1989 mako 191


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      What type of towing are you contemplating? Milling around town you will be fine but a couple hundred miles down the highway trying to keep up with traffic might be an issue. If you want to do that, you are going to need a 5000 pound rated vehicle so you don't kill it, but for short tows you should be OK. I easily tow my boat around town with a Honda CRV with a 1500 pound rating. I have dragged my neighbors 21 footer to the ramp with no issues and towed a 1500# tractor on a 700# trailer 80 miles in the mountains with no problems but I had to take my time and go easy on the hills.
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        Thanks, I sold my truck when the 32' Fountain was sold. I'm now down to mid-size SUV's with 3500# gross towing and prefer to stay legal with loads and insurance.

        I thought a 19' Mako could possibly fit within my towing envelope but from what I'm finding out that appears wrong.