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Hermco - no longer making brackets

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  • Hermco - no longer making brackets

    I just got off the phone with Hermco and he informed me that hes no longer building brackets and is selling his molds #129324; I guess Ill keep hunting around for a fiberglass bracket maker. I spoke with Stoner Boatworks and they want $3800, my concern is that they are fairly new to the boat industry.

    Anybody here seeking a new profession?!?

    Has anyone used another builder for a fiberglass bracket? I had an a&j on my 231 and if I go that route again Ill drop it off at linex.
    1989 Mako 261[br]SOLD - 1987 231 restore/rebuild[br]

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    Here is the sale listing for his business. He's asking $125,000. Quite frankly he's dreaming.


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      Dusky makes fiberglass brackets and I bet they're compatible with Mako transoms. They have a website selling them.


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        you really have your heart set on a fiberglass one mike? I've had both, the one on my 241 was basically a welders copy of an Armstrong,and think I prefer it to the fiberglass one I have now, but I think an Armstrong or stainless marine one would be a good fit. Whichever way you go, get the Armstrong compression, twist off handle access plates, and 2 of them. I have a single screw off small one on a dusky now and it sucks. Your gonna need to get in there once in a while might as well make it easy, and yes dusky does sell them


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          meant to say yes dusky does sell brackets


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            I saw his business listed for $35k I think on Craigslist... Im considering going with an a&j bracket and get it linexd gotta talknto them because Itll be custom, measured yesterday and I think Im going with a 60 wide tub...
            1989 Mako 261[br]SOLD - 1987 231 restore/rebuild[br]


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              A and J looks like they make nice brackets, and being custom fit to your boat sounds great