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Leak in live well/ overflow tube

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  • Leak in live well/ overflow tube

    Hi guys, just completed replacing all the tubing,fittings and pumps for the livewell and raw water wash down. Checked all the thru hull fittings and all appear to be good. This summer I had an instance where the bilge would kick on every two minutes or so. Guess two to three gallons minute into the bilge. I capped off the scupper for the livewell overflow and no one water in the bilge. So now with all livewell fittings, tubing and pumps replaced, Ive narrowed the leak down to the livewell tank itself (which I doubt), or the livewell overflow tube, fittings or overflow scupper.

    Any ideas on how to check these? The overflow drain is foamed in so thats a problem.
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    just fill it up and stick your head in the bilge. At that rate you will find the leak pretty quickly.
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      Like they say, "stick a cork in it"

      Remove the tube and plug the hole with a cork. Fill the tank to a level somewhat lower than the overflow fitting. See if water leaks into the bilge. If so, the tank is probably leaking or the stand tube fitting.

      If no water in the bilge, fill the tank some more until water starts to drain out the overflow ( cork still in place.

      After filling at a rate sufficient to keep the overflow going,check the the bilge. If there is water, something in the overflow plumbing is leaking.

      When your bilge gets water, is the water pump activated. If so, it is possible that your water supply side plumbing has a leak.

      Good luck