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Raw water wash down on 1993 221b

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  • Raw water wash down on 1993 221b

    Adding raw water wash down to our 1993 221b. I cut the water drain line from the top of the fuel tank 2 years ago. It now drains into bildge. There is never any water draining off the fuel tank that I know of.

    The outlet below water line is capped but operable. Considering adding a seacock valve and supplying raw water from that outlet.

    Jadsco 5.0 Hot Shot

    Anyone with the same boat have suggestions for:

    1) Pump placement ?

    2) Using tank drain outlet to supply raw water?

    3) Plan to drill and mount a quick connect Jabsco flush mount fitting through the bulkhead wall close to the starboard side .

    John[br]Gloucester, MA[br]1993 Mako 221B. [br]

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    I installed a strainer and seacock thru the hull in a place that I could easily open and close the valve. I cut out the 2 pie plates and installed a single access hatch.
    Chris Miller[br]Mystic Islands, NJ[br]1974 17 Classic[br]1988 211 Classic (sold)[br]1990 Grady White 230 Gulfstream (sold)[br][img][br]


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      I used the thru hull fitting with a high quality brass ball valve that has hose to the wash down pump which is in the stern fish box. I put pictures in letsfish thread a couple threads down.
      1991 221 w/ 225 yamaha[br]Margate NJ[br]221 Fuel tank/rewire[br]


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        Thanks guys. I have read the thread that is active a few posts down. The difference and reason for the new thread is that this is a 221b. It has a large bulkhead/ bilge area between the full transom and "false transom" area. I'm hoping to get owners with the 221b set-up that have placed a pump in that bilge area to share any tips or advice.

        I do appreciate the responses greatly.
        John[br]Gloucester, MA[br]1993 Mako 221B. [br]


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          ill be picking up my 221b in a few weeks and am very interested in this as well, hopefully its answered by then.
          John[br]1989 Mako 210 (Sold and Missed)[br]