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Mako 191 CC - Maximum Horsepower Rating

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  • Holgatelbi
    Not sure of the accuracy, but here are some comps. of older 2 strokes

    V6 2448 cc (cross flow, 90 degree) platform, 150 HP

    25 inch shaft, elec. start, trim/tilt -- 402 lbs

    V6 2589 cc (loop charge, 60 degree) platform, 150/175 HP

    25 inch shaft, elec. start, trim/tilt -- 375 lbs

    The newer Gen1 Etec 150 is 418 lbs

    I would think the 4 strokes are heavier.

    The 150 Yammi 4 stroke is pushing 500 lbs.

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    My 1970 Mako 19 has a max hp of 150 but in 1970 an OB of that size weighted ~300lbs. Now, a 150hp weights between 400 and 500 lbs. Any thoughts?

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  • mako19
    I have a 1975 19-foot cc Mako with a low transom and 115 4-stroke. With tailing seas I have had some issue with waves coming in over the transom. Be careful on weight in the back if you have a low transom. If you boat in saltwater.


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  • Holgatelbi
    X2 to Michigan Dave. W/O insurance, my only concern would be the weight of the motor.

    I just hung this used 175hp 2 stroker on here 2 years ago & Etec's are running some very good warranty promos.

    10 years NON prorated, unlimited hours, all through BRP in Florida.

    3 plus 7 with 1500 hr cap in the rest of the country.

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  • michigan dave
    Your insurance company will likely ask what model motor is installed and what is the capacity. There the only ones that really seem interested...


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  • cgmiller
    the uscg is never gonna look at your capacity plate. how fast do you want to cruise? my dad has a 192 with a 150. it cruises 3500 rpms at around 25 mph,,4000 sees around 28..4200,,30 mph,,tops out at 40-42 mph...

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  • MPKehoe09
    started a topic Mako 191 CC - Maximum Horsepower Rating

    Mako 191 CC - Maximum Horsepower Rating

    Likely a fairly controversial topic, but curious to what the group consensus is...

    I am repowering my 1998 191 Mako Center Console.

    The hull is 19'-4" and had a beam of 8'-2".

    According to Mako Specifications, the Recommended HP for this hull is 150hp.

    According to the USCG Placard, the Maximum HP is 180hp.

    However, according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 33, Section 183.53, I can calculate the Maximum Horsepower Capacity by using the following formula:

    Maximum Horsepower = (Boat Length x Transom Width) x 2 - 90.

    Using that formula, it gives me a Maximum Horsepower over 200.

    Given that this hull was produced prior to 4-stroke technology, I am only considering 2-strokes for weight consideration.

    I am looking for better performance than a 150hp, and given the affixed USCG Placard rating of 180hp, a 175hp 2-stroke would have been ideal.

    However, 175hp 2-strokes are a needle in a haystack, per my searches.

    Comparing weight, a 2003 Mercury 150XL EFI and a 2003 Mercury 200XL EFI have the same weight of 433lbs.

    I understand a lot of engineering went into the design of the hull, but am I opening up a can of worms by rigging a 200hp outboard? Id rather cruise at 3500rpms with a 200, than say 4000rpms with a 150. Not really looking to run around the whole day at WOT, but it's nice to have the power, should I need it.

    Also, should the USCG inspect my boat, can I reference the Code of Federal Regulations showing that I am still in conformance?