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Remove Aluminum Fuel Fill?

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  • Remove Aluminum Fuel Fill?

    I am replacing the aluminum fuel fills with a single new fuel fill hose. I am wondering if I should remove the old fill lines or just leave them alone. I plan to just run the new Shields Rubber fuel fill between the two aluminum lines. Any cons to leaving them? Pros would be the trouble and time not wasted taking them out...
    Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI

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    The aluminum lines were prone to corrosion, especially if they were touching something. My first fuel leak was in the aluminum pipe where it ran through the stringer.
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      Prater, if they are not in use and are basically just sitting there I wouldn't see any problem leaving them be. If there isn't anything flowing through them then nothing can leak out of them

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        you can leave them if you don't want to bother removing them but take precaution that the new fuel line doesn't rub against them and cause chafing.
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