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  • Foam

    Over th weekend I removed all of the foam out of my 261. Does anyone know if it is structural or is it for flotation? Id like to do away with it entirely although Im afraid it supports the floors and hull. Im currently debating building stringer extensions and ribs vs pouring foam back in.
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    it was included in the design of the hull and helps the hull absorb shock and gives the boat the solid sound when hitting waves. The boat may sound hollow without it. One a BIG positive side, it provides positive flotation if the unthinkable happens. The new 4# closed cell foam does not absorb water like the old stuff.
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      mike I was wondering the same thing for down the road when I tackle such a project. Miller just made some great points. Although, when I get mine out and before I put new in, I plan on adding rod holders up the gunnel and installing drain tubes for the holders that all drain back to the bilge. Because as it stands right now I don't want to add more up front because of the lack of being able to drain it properly.

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        I think Im ok with it sounding hollow. Im going to be doing a full transom and essentially converting my 261 to a 261b. Im more concerned about the floor, if I have to build stringer extensions to support it or ribs then its a lot of work. If it is structurally sound as a floating floor alone then Ill just build ribs for the tank and be done with it.

        The pvc tubes in my hull seem to be the culprit for most of the water in the foam. Looks like mako would heat and bend pvc rather than use elbows. The bends are very brittle and all of mine on the drain tubes are shattered. The big rigging tubes appear to be intact. I think Im going use a heavier drain pipe laid in the bottom of the hull and bilge hose with barbed fittings down to the 1 or 1-1/4 drain pipe.
        1989 Mako 261[br]SOLD - 1987 231 restore/rebuild[br]