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  • help ID this boat

    I am looking at an old Mako to maybe buy. I love the old lines and it is just a cool little boat. Not much to clean it up and get her going again. Then I could really dress her up.

    Can anyone help me with the age of the boat given the hull number? I am assuming it is a 1991...

    Mako 171

    hull # mrka 1017 f191

    btw... who did Mako sell out to in the early 2000s?


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    Somewhere in the 40 pages of Mako QA theres a HIN decoder. I think 191 is the model. Is it a 19' boat?

    Model Years 1967-1996.(The Schwebkes)

    Model years 1996-1998 became a public company known as Mako Marine International but the Schwebkes were no longer involved

    Mid year 1998 to present Tracker Marine bought the parent company and took back private.


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      Theres a free app called Boat HIN that will give you all the info on the ID number

      I ran your ID number and its says the boat Was built in July 1991
      Long Island NY [br]1985 Mako 20C[br]2003 Yamaha OX66 150[br]


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        thanks guys! it is a 17' boat. Thanks for the tips on finding the HIN.