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    Hey guys....I,m looking at a 1973 Mako 20 for sale ....the boat has been extensively restored ....I wont be able to run the boat so I was interested if anyone had or has this particular hull and how it rides ...I was told by unreliable source that the hull is a bit flat and pounds ....any info would be great....thanks..

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    ...the hull is a bit flat and pounds...? Compared to what? Against a Carolina Skiff, the 70s Makos are great! Compared to a brand new Yellowfin, probably not.
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      It's a modified V, it will not ride like a deep V boat. So it has some trade offs. Trim tabs will get the nose of the boat down which will help with pounding. Up side is it is a stable platform at rest when drifting or anchored. Will get better gas millage then a deep V hull. Plus you can get in real skinny water, less then 2 feet! Been out 20 miles in tight 3 to 5s and felt safe. Have had mine for 11 years or so and love the way it rides. What kind of power does the boat your looking at have?
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        I run a 20 in a choppy bay, usually 2 to 3 foot wind chop , and feel it handles it well. I have driven many newer bigger boats that don't handle as well. For its size it is a great hull. I like mine enough that i just invested in a new suzuki!!