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1996 Mako 232 drain scuppers and rings

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  • 1996 Mako 232 drain scuppers and rings

    Does anyone know where to find replacement scupper rings and rubber flaps for a 96' 232? I've looked everywhere and cant find a company that produces them. the outer ring measures approximately 6" outside diameter and 4 5/8" inside.
    brandon T lutgendorf

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    Hello Mako Friend

    My previous post

    Give Mike Kagno a call at HS White corp in Pompano Beach Fl.

    Phone: 954-785-6760 Fax: 954-785-8247 or [email protected]

    He has my pattern and will be able to help you My Flaps were large, like 5.5 inch diameter, but I know he made for others with smaller Diameter. Tell him you were referred by another Mako owner in PA. He will be happy to assist.

    I found my pictures, outside dia of rubber scupper is 5 3/8 and inside is 4 1/2 and the plastic trim ring outside dia is 6 inches. I remember I sent my scuppers to him and he matched exactly, but it sounds like yours are very similar to mine

    Good Luck!

    Ps - You have a great Mako model!
    Thanks, Mr. Happy
    Home waters - LBI NJ
    1997 Mako 232


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      He made them for my 232 as well. Rubber flaps only I had to glue and reuse the plastic rings.


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        call Gemlux and ask for measurements on the 845 scuppers. The were a perfect fit for my 1995 231.

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