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What kind of blower hose/ducting?

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  • What kind of blower hose/ducting?

    Hey guys, it has come time to install new blower and ducting on a 25 I'm fully restoring. The "typical" blower ducting out there is vinyl I suppose, and quite thin and not very durable... I've looked at a bunch of hose/duct on McMaster-Carr ("MMC") for example... but want to make sure I'm not going to be building static or using the wrong stuff that could potentially end up being dangerous. Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone here used ducting from MMC? $$$ not really a concern. Thanks!

    P.S. - Will update my photos soon, been away from the site for a couple months and realized photobucket turned into crooks. I will be uploading some photos to imgur and updating my thread.
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    Last time I replaced any bilge blower stuff, I went with a Rule 3" blower and Trident hose from Defender.

    There is some "crushproof" Trident hose listed on the Defender website.
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