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253 and similar livewell

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  • 253 and similar livewell

    I am rewiring a lot of my 07-253 and have a question: There is a light in the bottom of the livewell. Is it activated by turning on the livewell pump or by turning on the cabin lights? It seems to have been connected to the pump feed but I can't be sure since some wires are fried and aren't powered in either case.


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    Not sure of the 253 but I have wired my light to the pump so they are on at the same time.
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      I have a 253 as well (2002) is the wiring listing from the 2002 manual. Not sure, but hope it is helpful for your wiring review. My livewell light is out too....have yet to look as to why ...too busy drinking beer when on the boat

      Click Link below:

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        Thanks for the info. I have the same diagram and if you look at wire colors, the feed that is listed as 'Baitwell LT' which I take to be Baitwell Light is Blue/white and that is fed from the cockpit lights switch.

        The baitwell/washdown pump is fed with a brown/yellow wire. I can confirm that is the actual color wire that was connected to the pump ( it is dead at the moment). The light fixture which is a bear to get to, seems to have been connected to the pump feed and not cockpit lights as the diagram would suggest. If I connect the light to the pump feed it will only be on of the pump is powered. I am not sure it that matters much and to boot, I haven't seen a cockpit light wire in the bilge yet.

        This is just one of the many puzzles I have on this new to me boat.