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Thoughts on a 171 redo

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  • Thoughts on a 171 redo

    I have a 1993 Mako 171 with a 2003 115 Yamaha on the back. The boat is 25yrs old and I'd say she in very good shape. I brought it to a fiberglass guy to get some pricing - $2k to redo the transom and put in trim tabs (tabs are items I need to separately purchase) $2.6k to remove the bow railing, put a new rub railing on, patch/sand the bottom and prime/paint the outside. Finally $1.8k to remove old tank, put new one in, redo the console. Question - can I do the first two this yr and then the tank and console next or should I say is it wise...second, the pricing doesn't include opening up the floor and looking at the stringers or foam. Boat was stored indoors most of her life, the tank isn't leaking yet. Just don't want to spend money on the outside and then have to redo in year if I wait to do the inside. Thanks

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    I was able to see the stringers on my 17 and others I looked at by putting my phone in the bilge and taking pictures forward with the flash. Then view the pics. The problem areas are not very far forward and are around a large drain hole in the stringers. I also believe the stringer problems were are on the earlier 17 like my 1974. You can pull the coffin lid to check for wet foam. If its wet there it will be elsewhere. If its dry it still may be wet elsewhere. Lol


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      Those prices arent out of line. Im doing transom, gas tank, stringers and foam replacement for that price. The question on doing only the first two is condition and what are you doing for a tank. Makos are known for bad transoms and bad tanks/foam. Dont pay to have the tank/console pulled without looking at the condition of the foam and stringers.
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