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    So, I have some questions about range out of a Mako 20. I have a 1975 20 with an carbed Evinrude 200. What do you guys think I should be getting as far as range? I have had the boat since mid-summer and I will say she drinks fuel! I like to run to near shore wrecks and I usually come home on fumes. 14 nm from inlet and about 1nm to inlet. Running between 20 and 22 kts. Any input would be greatly appreciated

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    depending on sea state you are probably luck to get 1.5 NMPG with that engine while cruising. Probably not much more trolling or idling. My 20c with a 150 carbed would touch 2.7 NMPG in flat water but if it got rough and you had to slow down or play the throttle it would quickly drop to 1.5ish.
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      Same hull, I went from approx low 100's miles range on a 2-stroke 140, to nearly 200 miles range on a 4-stroke 150, both Suzuki. Tank on this hull is 44 gallons.
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