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    Even posting this scares me. I should probably just leave well enough alone. But, as my wife will tell you, I have no idea how to do that.

    From what I can tell, the original fuel fill hose on my '86 20c had some corrosion and the previous owner moved the fill onto the side of the console and put a new hose with just a little curve in it. It functions fine actually except when adding fuel additives. Currently (knock on wood) the tank is just fine, and the vent hose still works just fine too.

    So, here is the question; has anyone successfully replaced a stuck fill hose on a 20c without pulling the damn floor up? If so, what action did you take? Should i just yank the ever loving hell out of it until it breaks loose? I debating using a hose with an outer diameter that will fit inside the existing hoses inner diameter. But that size would be too restrictive to use for a fill.

    I look forward to the respones

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    I replaced mine without removing the floor. I just unclamped it from the filler neck, attached the new hose with a ton of tape and pulled it through the access hatch. Came right out eazy peezy just yank on it.
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      Well alright then. Haha

      I was pulling and it wasnt really moving. But I didnt really give it too much of a yank for fear of what may be attached.

      Anyone know the length of the hose so I can pick it up in the next day or so before going to the storage lot?


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        I did mine on my 73 17 and it was not easy but was doable. Yours might not be a hose the whole way. At some point they were using aluminum pipe in there. That was mine. If so, youll have two tough jobs, first is cutting the aluminum at the 90 degree in the hullside, and the second wil be pulling it out through the small hole in the stringer.

        If its foamed in make it three tough tasks, and cutting foam through a little hole will come first.

        Hopefully someone with the same hull same year can tell you what Mako was doing that year.
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          When I replaced the hose on my 88 it was full length hose. Actually it was in good shape but I replaced it anyway since I had the cover off.

          The vent on the other hand had deteriorated where there was a low spot.
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            Ill go play this weekend and see whats what.

            Who knows, if it comes undone fairly easy might end up with a smile while working on the boat... and thats rare.