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  • T-Top Width

    So I picked up an overstock T-top off a newer Mako and plan to fit it to my 25. I only bought the frame and plan to make my own hardtop. The length is predetermined given the rocket launcher built into the frame. But the width is in question. You guys with tops, is the width pretty much gunnel to gunnel or slightly narrower?
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    In my case, slightly narrower. I feel it provides adequate protection. Don't believe you would want it over the gunnel.

    If curtains are also in your plans, my 2 cents worth, these allow room for walk thru without hassle. The front center panel rolls up for access to bow.

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      Thanks Flounder

      no, i wouldn't want it over the gunnel. That might look a little funny.

      If anyone else can post some pics from the aft like Flounder that would be much appreciated.
      [br]Michael R. Delgado[br]1972 Mako 22[br][br]1976 Mako 25[br],25[br]


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        They sell a whole lot of replacement canvas at 5x7 and I know a lot of the prefabbed tops are also that size. Mine is short of the gunnels by about about a foot, maybe a little more so Im probably right there. Seems a good size as it looks about right and I can still stand up on the gunwale.
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          From my 23.


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            I have a feeling I'm going to be able to weigh in on the size up to the point the mold is made[], but for the purpose of figuring, the Contender is a little narrower than the inner gunnel (only pic that is even close to showing width...and a poor shot)

            The top on my 21B was narrower. I hit my head less on the Mako getting in and out of the boat and liked the proportions, but the wider top offers a little more sun protection and I guess rain cover.

            Definitely want to stay inbound of the gunnels so the rod holders and the old outriggers (until they go up top) are well outboard of the top.

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              I was thinking of running down to your boat Monday. I'll bring my ice skates []

              [br]Michael R. Delgado[br]1972 Mako 22[br][br]1976 Mako 25[br],25[br]