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    Anybody out there have the lenco trim tabs on their boat? Do you think a 12 wide by 9 long tab will work for a 79 235? Should I use the 12x12 tab? Any help is appreciated.

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    I would suggest a set of M120 Bennett's. If you check Fl Sportsman's forum and THT you will see plenty of unsatisified customers that have Lenco's

    On the other hand you see see the the customer support is 2nd to none on Bennetts.


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        Which ever brand you go with get the 12 x 12 tabs. The extra three inches in length makes a big difference and 12" deep is recommended by both manufacturers for boats 23 and over.

        I have two friends who have Lencos, one for three years the other for two, and have had no problems. I have a set up Bennetts on my '89 231 that were installed at the factory and have had to have the pump rebuilt twice, replaced the rocker switch twice in 14 years. Once Bennette paid for the rebuild under warranty. Second time I paid, but it was reasonable. Both times it was corrosion in the pump assembly.
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          The only reason you see all of the negativity about the lencos on THT and Florida Sportsman's website is because there is a guy by the name of Tabman on those sites who is an employee of bennett. The guy has quite a following on those sites. He is definately a credit to his company. Lenco has noone on there to counter this guy. Granted Bennetts have been on the market alot longer but I know more people who have had problems with bennetts than lencos. The lencos without a doubt perform better and are a hell of alot easier to install and you don't have to find a home for a pump. The hoses provided with the bennetts are also not long enough to reach the console where I would have wanted to mount the pump if I went with them. The lencos also draw alot less juise from the batteries.

          I just got a set of 12 x 12 lencos for my boat.


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            I had throught about using lenco's. The installation is easier. As time went on I watched what people were saying about Lenco's.


            I knew that Benett's had Outstanding customer support. Tabman recommended 12X12 for a 23ft boat. I was running out of space according to Benett's website. They want you to have the tab's 3 to4in from the chine and 8in away from the centerline of the motor.

            I have 2 motors so this was getting REAL tight.

            I was also conserned about the length of the rams. This boat has a bracket and I have seen some brackets done with a half moon cutout, so the ram can come up thru the bracket. This didn't bother me as the bracket was not built yet, but if the half moon cutouts needed to be there I wanted it built into the bracket and not have to go back and modify what had already been built.

            I had the option of going with the M120's or the BENNETT BT-1012 BASS TABS

            I went with the bass tab's. I wanted Black tabs.

            They both are 10X12, but they are a BATWING style tab. This means that they have a turned down plate on each side and trap the water.

            You get the same effect as a 12X12 that allow the water to just spill out the sides.


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              I've been looking at tabs for my 224. Raymond in tech support at Lenco told me that 12 X 12 tabs would work for me, but that I would be much happier with a 12 x 16 racing tab. Bigger is always better right?They're about $180 more. I'm leaning toward the Lenco's figuring the only thing that can go wrong with them is the actuator which I can replace myself very easily for about $150. Also Lenco has a neat combination rocker switch/indicator.--Dave/Annapolis