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    Hey gang, one issue I'm having with my boat is the non skid is wearing off and my deck is getting slippery especially when bare foot which is how I run the boat when it's warm. I've thought about sea decking the entire floor but the quote I got was very expensive. What are my other options? I really am dreading the thought of painting the deck of my boat.
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    I had my 1993 221b sanded, gel coated and non-skid added. looks brand new like OEM.
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      I used Kiwi grip 6 years ago. Held up great. I will redo this season only because I spit resin in areas during my current project.
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        Painting the deck would be easier than you think. When I painted the brown deck on the 1978 25' I had used a two part Interlux epoxy and added the non-skid material to the later coats. Since you are only doing the deck it would be easy to tape off and roll on. I used the small foam rollers. And the paint is every durable. No signs at all of wear through over the 10 years I had the boat after painting.
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          Thanks for the suggestions! My fear with painting the deck was having to re do every couple years.

          So here are my options

          1) Have the local Sea Deck guy template my boat and do a custom install. Pros- nice when bare foot. Quiet the deck when stalking bass in the shallows. Less maintenance then paint. Could look pretty sweet when done. Cons- Very expensive!!! Might not hold up to early spring and late fall/winter fishing when we are wearing deck boots. Worried that it would peel or wear out and need replacing. Might not look sweet all over the deck. added weight to the boat?

          2) Have deck professionally sanded and gel coated with new non-skid. Pros- looks factory. Cons- I'm sure expensive going to call a couple glass guys and get an estimate.

          3) Paint deck- Kiwi Grip? Interlux Epoxy? Petite epoxy deck paint? I am worthy enough to attempt this project just concerned about it lasting and not looking like crap and needing constant up keep. Pro- probably most cost effective. Cons- durability and ability to match the color of the current deck gel coat.

          Im going to do my research I appreciate the input!
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            Kiwi grip- $32 per quart. Took me a gal. the non-skid can be as course or little as you want. Depends if you back roll or not. Mine is durable with boots, scuba tanks, coolers and 3 kids and ski equipment. The only area I touched was a small area the I did not sand. Lazy!

            It is a little to clean when dirty. Soft scrub goes a long way. I created my own color with the help of S.W. Paints. It is great on bare feet as well. In Florida I am barefoot a lot.
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              I had Kiwi Grip in one of my old boats and it was durable, easy to apply. Took a little scrubbing to clean though. Anybody tried TotaBoat's TotalTread from Jamestown? $31.99 for a quart.
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                Checked out kiwi grips website seems like a solid product!
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