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1983 224 approximate weight???

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  • 1983 224 approximate weight???

    Hey guys Im hoping for a little help here I have a 1983 mako 224 that just feels really sluggish in the water its powered by a mercury Bluewater series 200 2 stroke and at 4200 rpms im only cruising about 22 to 23 mph, I will be removing the prop this afternoon to check the pitch to see if that is a factor but Im worried that I may be holding a significant amount of water weight despite my normally dry bilge. I was wondering if anyone with a similar year 224 had actually put it on a scale and seen their weight. I am planning to pull it next weekend so Im going to take my truck and the empty trailer and weigh them before pulling the boat. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have any in water pictures? I have not officially weighed mine.
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      Not actual weight, but below is a link to the Mako 224 owners manual. The specs say the hull weighs 2200 pounds.

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        I appreciate the replys I actually went out this weekend and replaced the prop,the old one said it was a 19 pitch however after take measurements I found out that it was closer to a 17 pitch. I put a new 19 pitch on picked up 8-9 mph at 4200 rpms. Problem solved.