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Is This A Mako?

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  • Is This A Mako?

    The boat pictured below has been stored at the same secured facility as my classic AQ for at least 2 years. But it's always had a cover on, so all I could see was the bottom of the hull. I'm guessing the cover blew off, which was a pleasant surprise for me. What a beautiful boat. As I previously mentioned, I'm a classic AQ owner, but have always admired the classic mako hull. The one and only feature this boat has that caused me to think it's a Mako is the bow casting platform. Hoping one of you gents can determine from the pictures if this is a Mako, and if so, what year and model? A couple things to add that the pictures do not reveal....the hull has an enclosed transom with dual transom boxes (passive livewell?). I'm estimating the length is between 19-21 ft with a beam between 7' and 8'.

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    Unfortunately, PhotoBucket has blocked all the images it houses from being displayed on forums like this.

    Some of us are having good luck with IMGUR instead.
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      same name same question so im going to assume these are the photos he wanted. seems like a nicely redone 17
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        Yes, you are correct here ^^^^. And I was just about to post the THT weblink in this thread so members whom are interested can see pics of the boat I'm asking about. Thanks for beating me to the punch.

        So you do believe this hull is a Mako? If so, any idea of the original model and year?