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  • 1979 Hull ID Help

    I looked at a boat yesterday and something about the hull seemed odd to me. Could not put my finger on it. The Hull ID plate was missing so I could not get the HIN from it. Was this hull maybe originally a straight inboard?

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    BTW - the title "says" it is a 1979 Mako, but the manufacturer code on the title is MGL not MRK...


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      Not a Mako. MGL is Marine Group LLC
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        Originally posted by 81Mako235

        Not a Mako. MGL is Marine Group LLC

        Yes, I had the owner send me a picture of the title and noticed the discrepancy. The title actually says on the manufacturer name is Mako but clearly the Make ID being MGL shows it as Marine Group. Not sure what to do. The hull seemed pretty good and the motor alone is worth what I can get it for once I replace the injectors which the owner says is the only problem with it right now...


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          To further confuse things, the Florida Title shows Identification number as 03798. Doesn't hat mean is was the 37th hull from 1998? Does this look like a 1998?


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            certainly looks like the transom was factory molded like an inboard boat. The interior kind of looks like a 23 Wellcraft.
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              Not a Mako but it is a Mako console. Someone probably put the console in and kept the Mako tag on it. I agree it does look like a converted I/O but certainly not a Mako.
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