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Keel leak 17 Mako CC

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  • Keel leak 17 Mako CC

    Hey guys,

    I have 1990 Mako 17 CC. I was in the process of installIng a keelshield when I noticed 2 small pin hole leaks dripping water very slowly. I dont think it would be wise to attempt to install the keel shield with the leak. Ive tried jacking my trailer up in hopes that the water would move back to the stern and then I could seal the leaks with some 5200.

    Any suggestions on how I should tackle this? Do I need to be concerned that I have water intrusion in my hull and damage/rot? The boat is a solid as rock and the hull feels like a tank.


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    Check the Bow Eye.I'd be concerned about a hole inside the hull?


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      messed up my response..somehow started new post..I had holes in the gelcoat of one of the lifting strakes on the bottom of the 1990 Grady that I owed. I oversized the holes with a dremmel and used 2 part epoxy caulk stick to fill the holes in. The epoxy was not effected by water and can be sanded smooth when hard.
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        cgmiller is right - you need to open the holes up and fill them in correctly and NOT with 5200 or marinetex. It's probably just a small void anyways and since you are going to cover it with a keelsheild epoxy would be a great way to fill it.
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