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  • stuck hatches

    i just bought a 88 261 and a couple of the hatches are very hard to open .one is the box on the port side at the back and the other is the big hatch up front in the floor.any idea what causes this and what mite be a easy fix for it?also is that big box in floor up front insulated is it good for keeping fish?

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    I just had one of the rear fish box hatches on my 1990 231 stick and not want to open. After messing with it for a few minutes I found that the lift out fish box was not seated all the way in the recess, causing the lip to catch on the rear edge of the hatch. A compete PITA.

    After fooling with it for a few minutes I was able to free it and open the hatch.

    I also found the problem was I had put the fish box in backwards which is why it didn't seat properly in the recess. Make sure the drain holes are in the rear.

    hope that helps.
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      ok thanks i will look at that.