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    Hey guys, need advice ! Went fishing Monday afternoon on lake Fontana here in my home town in NC.and hit a submerged log with my boat. I was on full plane cruising around 30 mph. I own a '92 181 flats that I dearly love.( I know what are you doing with a flats boat in a deep resivoir lake in the western part of NC?) We have a shad run in Fontana this time of year and I have found that the 181 is the perfect boat to throw a cast net for bait. The damage to my transom was minimal with no separation with rest of the structure of the boat but about 2 in below the top of of the transom the gel coat ( I believe) separated from the transom itself and exposed the fiberglass wood. The damage extended all across the width of the transom about 2 in down from the top.(where the motor boats on) anyone have any advice on what else to look for and how to repair and about how much is this going to set me back? I appreciate any feed back!
    plugg28/1993 181 flats w/2002 mercury 135 optimax barkers creek,n.c.

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    Can you post a picture? Seems like the engine may have jolted with the impact cracking your transom. It does not sound cosmetic but some structural damage that will need some attention. Your transom may be a candidate for replacement but pictures would help.
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