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76 Mako 23' Bouyancy on transom. I have questions

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  • 76 Mako 23' Bouyancy on transom. I have questions

    I am looking at installing two pods underneath a bracket that is like a Armstrong bracket to increase displacement of the hull so that the boat will float higher in the water at the stren.

    NOTE: My photos have NOT been up dated! My boat is completed and is not in the rough stage as seen in photo.

    1. Has any one tried this on a 1976 23' Mako center console?

    2. If so what where the results? Like boat handling

    3. Fiberglass Pod's, glassed to the hull?

    4. Or Pods mounted underneath the deck of the swim platform?

    Which could be 4200 to the transom as well.


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    You have any pictures of your finished transom? And how it sits in the water?
    Long Island, New York


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      Yes I do ..I will try to e-mail them to you.


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        I don't think the sites email function works.

        Wardr4567 at yahoo dot com
        Long Island, New York


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          so you have a bracket now? What kind is it? What is it made out of? The easiest thing I see you could do is to remove it and then increase the size of the tub's width and depth for more flotation. Other then that, I don't think there are any other real options.

          Oh, and you do NOT want to 4200 anything to be used as flotation.
          1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
          1985 Mako 20c - sold
          Fort Walton Beach, FL


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            I 'am on a gov site at this point in time. Having some problems down loading photos .

            I can give you my e-mail adders if you wish?