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1976 23' cener console Water line

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  • 1976 23' cener console Water line

    I looking for a rough measurement of how many inches up should be the water line be, from the chine at the corner of the boats transom to the water line. this is for a 1976 23' center console Mako?

    I understand all the variables that could be just looking for a general guide line.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Very similar boat (mine is a '77):

    My rear splash well drain holes are 12" above the bottom of the hull (lowest point). This is right at the water line. Keep in mind I have a 28" setback flotation bracket with a 25" shaft V6 Mercury two stroke.

    I put scuppers over the tubes after the first few times I ran it. The well doesn't hold water when running, but will when I reverse or if 2 or 3 people are standing in the rear of the boat.

    Use this information as you will........ And I like where you're going with the transom. I love the look of the solid transom. I wish I felt skilled enough to do it to mine, but I'm very happy with how she turned out overall.